About SBD

Brief History

Support By Design (SBD) has developed a solid track record developing Innovative program models throughout the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania designed to engage youth and families around critical life skills domains. Models focus on Interactive workshops that build on principles of human development, integrity, honesty, and research-based best practices. SBD has been instrumental in creating national networking relationships with agencies and educational Institutions for the purpose of training, education, curricular materials and resources developed for diverse communities.

The innovative work of SBD’s leadership with communities in Baltimore City fostered participation in national study with The University of South Florida’s Research and Training Center For Children’s Mental Health of Exemplary Programs for Youth with Emotional Disabilities.



To maintain a high standard of care and customer service

To train and sustain a contemporary cadre of creative and effective leadership


To prepare creative working and learning atmospheres that are respectful, stable, supportive and diverse

To strengthen and support local, national and international programs in order to build a comprehensive educational, social, and human development infrastructure

To assure excellent holistic service delivery to the population being served while in their respective naturalistic environment


To provide a continuum of care that will monitor, track, and measure progress at every phase of service delivery


Support By Design Inc. (SBD) is a corporation that strives to provide a complete range of services encompassing consumer groups from every age bracket.  The goal of SBD is to be the leader in developing, enhancing, designing, and maintaining customized innovative service delivery initiatives that will educate, empower, and serve human needs for all clientele.

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Support By Design (SBD) will be consistently at the forefront of generations to come, not only by our ability to enhance the quality of life for individuals but to empower consumers to rise to the optimal levels of productivity and citizenry.  

SBD will wholeheartedly remain committed to researching, designing, and implementing programs that impact the social and educational lives of individuals. This will include, but will not be limited to educational, human service, mental health, and local agency groups.

SBD will demonstrate compassion for persons of diverse walks of life that require support and assistance, particularly during pivotal life moments.  We pledge to provide quality service by respecting ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, creed, religion, socioeconomic status and/or disability.